Planting the ground layer

The lengths of black woven fabric which we used as a sheet mulch worked well. We spread some garden compost and planted a number of herbs in 2014-15: chives, thyme, rosemary, sorrel, fennel, sweet cicely, marjoram, winter savoury, various mints and comfrey.

The poppies and fennel did very well. We wait to see what has survived into 2016.

We planted another bed with perennial kale, under-planted with mint and other aromatics to deter the cabbage white butterflies. This seems to have helped as only a few kale leaves were eaten by caterpillars.


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Mulch change

Having used cardboard as a mulch very successfully from the early days of planting we are now finding that badgers or foxes (or both) are finding lovely stores of worms under the cardboard. The result has been cardboard scattered over the field. We are now mulching with PAS100 composted green waste and our own shredded wood offcuts.

Photo: VAP volunteers helping with mulching


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