February 9th – Next Friends and Volunteers Days

Winter blessings to you all. We had some beautiful days in the snow, going on  long walks and enjoying the peaceful white landscapes stretching far into the horizon, tracking hare and deer trails and seeing delightful images, like the picture below.

On Saturday, 9th of February 10am to 4pm, we are having another friends and volunteer’s day at the Quadrangle Forest Garden.

ImageWe are going to plant some comfrey around the fruit trees, mark out an irrigation channel and do some other tree tending. There will be a nice wintery soup and bread for lunch, and lovely tea and biscuits for tea breaks. Please check the website of the Quadrangle for the address and for further details on how to get there by train.

If you are planning to attend, please send an email to monika.koncz@gmail.com.

Our next friends and volunteers days will be on the 10th of March (Sunday).

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First gathering of the Nature Culture Network England

The following weekend we had a big gathering. The Nature Culture Network (NCN) England – which Al and I are part of, met from Friday to Sunday at the Quadrangle. It consists of (outdoor) educators, forest school teachers, ‘permaculturists’, wilderness guides and people who simply enjoy spending time outside in Nature. The purpose of the gathering was to meet at the beginning of the year to connect to friends and family, spend time outdoors, tending the Forest Garden, reflect on the year past and make plans for the year ahead and enjoy ourselves with potluck and music.

We had over 30 people and children of various ages come together and spend all day Saturday making more compost heaps, planting two types of vine and 4 blackcurrants and clearing the edges of the forest garden from invading black thorn suckers. It is amazing to see how much work can get done in the course of the few hours that we had, when so many people come together and enjoy themselves sweating outside. We left the land with 7 compost heaps, a sucker free space for the nursery of ground cover plants next year and lots of bits of comfrey planted round the fruit trees to help bring up nutrients with their deep roots.

A great start to the year – thank you !

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First volunteering of the year

After a beautiful reunion with Alastair’s Trackways Year course group at the weekend, we arrived with 6 more helping hands at the Quadrangle, ready to start our week working again in the Forest Garden. After all the eating during Christmas and New year’s, it felt great to spend most of our days outside again working on the land with friends and little people.

The plan was to create compost heaps – one meter cube compost heaps, to be precise. The cube shape and it’s relative height allow the heaps get hot to quicker compost. The compost heaps were created next to piles of cut grass. In a few months time, we are going to plant squash on top of the heaps and the squash will enjoy the open area it’s in, soaking up all the sun and enjoying the nutritious bed its in.

On the pictures you can see how the compost heaps are layered with cut grass and compost in-between. Before piling the heaps, we perforated the ground with a fork and then laid a bunch of twigs and branches as the first layer. The perforation of the ground allows for better absorption of the nutrients and the branches underneath the heap support the overall air circulation.

Thank you Synnøve, Hannah and Kim-Robin!


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