Mapping in the long grass…and ants !

Welcome to my office !

With a folding chair and desk I was set to continue recording all the locations being measured onto the base map of the forest garden. Blazing sun and high grass filled the air with warm summery scents and the sound of insects. But the big learning for next time is to map when the grass is still short in the spring – I’m sure there are a few small shrubs I missed in the grassy jungle !

The 50 meter tape measure was essential when trying to triangulate the locations of all the different trees and shrubs. The wet weather does not seem to have harmed the majority of the trees, with soft lighter green shoots showing this years growth.  The wildlife pond, only a few months ago so churned up and muddy is now lined with poppies and the water plants are taking root.

Of the 100 + trees and shrubs we planted now at least half  seems to have their own guardian ant hill, with mounds of crumbly dry earth piled up around the cardboard mulch. A careless step when measuring would quickly result in a swarming of tiny feet over mine and then the biting ! One time I left my crazed ceilidh dance too late and the swarm made it too far up the trousers Рand unfortunately Mo was on hand with the camera to record the ensuing strip!


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A poppy seed prima ballerina!

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