Surveying our growth so far ….

As most of the country was experiencing flooding I spent yesterday scorching under a blazing June sky, mapping all the trees we have planted so far.

As is always the case with best laid plans,  the reality of where trees precisely ended up is still needing to be discovered!.  After a whole day with the 50 meter tape measure and swimming through the long grass I am about half way through getting a full map of all the canopy species. (check here for the 7 layers of a forest garden)  We will use this map when designing the herb and shrub layer of the garden and I hope to be able to share it with you on Sketchup soon.

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Our first Apple

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First steps towards our tree nursery!

We will need to do lots of propagation to grow cuttings for all the ground cover and shrub’s we will need. Our first step in creating a nursery for all these baby plants has been to build two shop brought coldframes.

A bit fiddly! –

Resting after a hard afternoons work – with Elderflower cordial !

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